Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hey Gals, I've got something special for this post.

I would not be doing anything like this, if it weren't for one person.

I got into nails, and my beloved bottles of sparkly goodness long before I met my True Nail Love Amanda Young.  Otherwise known as Lady Maid Nails. http://ladymaidnails.blogspot.ca
Only since then have been able to chat, talk in real life, and text to my hearts content, about one thing that's always on my mind... POLISH.

I love sharing my kinda large stash with her. She's the only one I know that appreciates it like I do.  Gawd, on our first visit she helped me organize my helmer. I literally packed up the drawers, and drove to her house with a car full. I thought to myself, if I ever got into an accident, the police would think I robbed a polish vendor. Haha.  With that visit, a friendship truly began, and has become much more then our little addiction.  For that I am grateful.

In return for all the lenders she gets, she graciously offered to help me get a blog started. I'd often thought about it, but am by far, way too computer illiterate.

So again, my little Mandy, thank you for helping, you're the best. I'm so glad our digits have brought us together.

We've done a couple twin nail posts. With many more to come. Hope you enjoy.

And a few of my fave that she's done.

Don't forget to follow my girl Mandy at http://ladymaidnails.blogspot.ca/

Ta ta for now

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hey hey hey, welcome to Teeter Taught Tips!

Well loves, it's finally here. After months of deliberation, consideration, and procrastination, I've finally gone and done it. My first blog post.
First a little about myself.
I'm a single working mom, with a serious addiction to nail polish.
The love of my life is Charlie. The sun rises and sets with him. In my eyes, like most doting moms, Charlie is perfect. He is a healthy, smart, sensitive, loving, imaginative and creative 3 year old. He even loves to dabble with mom's nail polish sometimes.
I'm super lucky to have the most amazing parents and friends in the world. I honestly don't know where I'd be without them, they are the best support system one could ever have. They've helped me get through a lot of really dark periods in my life. I know parents are always "supposed" to be there for you, in my case, they have been, come Hell or high water. They are extraordinary. My friends teach me, counsel me, support and love me like no others. P and B, A and B, and LMN... you know
who you are. I love you.
I've been working as a court stenographer for going on 14 years now. It's an awesome job, every day is different, interesting, and sometimes entertaining. Best of all, it supports my addiction to POLISH. Which of course brings us to the heart of this matter.
It all started with Instagram . Little did I know of the awesome polish community that existed out there. The first IGer that I followed, and eventually grew to love was Young Wild and Polished http://youngwildandpolished.blogspot.ca/ I thought wow, this phenomenal woman has talent. I began to explore the world with new eyes. I mean I've always loved polish since I was young. I used to do my nails at night and think wow I can't go out of the house like this... And proceed leave with blank canvases. Oh and about those little nub slates, they were terrible. I was a biter, a picker, a peeler, in other words a sinner. This was the first "mani" I ever posted.

Pretty sad wouldn't you say?
In February 2013, I finally took the plunge and bought my first bottle of OPI Original Nail Envy, after hearing so many fabulous things about it. I've never looked back on nail health since. My ladies are long, strong, and ready to get the lacquer on... A la I like Big Butts rhythm. Teehee.
I bet y'all are wondering what you're going to see in this blog. Our journey will be filled with gorgeous bases, lovely commercial brands, one of a kind Indies, and of course, my biggest passion... HOLOS!!!!! I am a self admitted holo-head, holo-whore, holo-holic or whatever else you want to call me. I have a helmer drawer almost totally dedicated to these perfect specimens. The glitter, the flakies, the irredesence, the colour shift, the formula, I just love everything about a good polish.
Please join me as our adventure begins...

My first mani says everything about me. Holo base, stamping, and glitter placement, what more is there in life?
Polishes I used:

Base-coat: Nfu-Oh Aqua Base. It's my go to for holos, as it allows for smooth, no patch application.
Base color: Color Club Eternal Beauty
Stamping color: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest
Placed glitter from OPI Which Witch?
Stamping plate: Bundle Monster 404

These are 3 of my go to polishes, and here's why...

Hope y'all enjoyed my first post!

Ta ta for now...